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Studying Architecture in the UK

This article will highlight the partner of civil engineers - architects. The subject that is the most profound and relevant to the public in the field of design must be architecture. Architects need to have the smart brain of civil engineers, and have the knowledge of mechanics to calculate the materials used in each part of the building, while also considering the artistic effect. Moreover, architects need to have the aesthetic eye of an artist to inject different elements into their works. Each building is the architect's masterpiece, containing local culture and history and designed accordingly. The different architectural styles of different eras also demonstrate the local period changes. Of course, in addition to learning a lot of architectural history during the study period, students also need to combine architectural principles and knowledge with engineering technology to design skills, space, environment, light sources, and structural design, and combine them with computer applications as the RIBA Part 1 course in the first three years of the degree. To become an architect is not easy. You need to study architecture and engineering-related topics and cultivate artistic and design skills.    


Furthermore, you need to spend a lot of time studying:   

  1. A three-year Bachelor's degree course in RIBA part 1 basics.    
  2. One year of relevant work experience.    
  3. A two-year Master's degree course in RIBA part 2.    
  4. Plus two years of work under the guidance of a registered architect.    
  5. Pre-registration examination: Only then can you prepare to apply to become an architect   


Our suggestions: Architecture has undergone changes over the years. In the past, architects used to showcase their works through drawing and making physical models. It is a bit similar to buying a house and looking at environmental models. In today's digital era, many drawings are done using computer software, and the final product can be displayed without the need for physical models. SketchUp and AutoCAD are two softwares that are used in many university courses for drawing architectural works. Whether it is the appearance of a building, interior design, garden scenery, or mountain and river valleys, software can help students present their designs in their minds. 3D printing is another important step that helps students or future work save time, without having to create a model by hand.    


The general admission requirements are:   

  • HKDSE: 555 - 544 (You may need to have mathematics or physics scores)  
  • IELTS: 6.5  
  • A portfolio showcasing your architectural work, sketches or concepts would also be required   


Recommended United Kingdom Universities:   

University of Bath   

University of Sheffield   

Loughborough University   

Cardiff University   

University of Nottingham   

University of Liverpool   


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