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Must-Visit London Market! History and Must-Try Treats at Camden Market

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Camden Market, located in the heart of London since its inception in 1974, has always been one of the UK’s most vibrant and culturally diverse markets, now a prime destination for tourists and locals alike. This market isn’t just a shopper’s paradise; it’s a haven for food enthusiasts. Cyclopes introduces the rich history and must-try treats of Camden Market (Camden Market) for students planning to study in the UK.

Camden Market
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The History of Camden Market

The history of Camden Market began in 1973 as a small crafts market open only on weekends. It has since evolved into one of London’s most dynamic shopping and culinary hubs, attracting visitors from around the globe and now operates daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Camden Market is comprised of six interconnected markets: Camden Lock Market, Stables Market, Camden Lock Village, Buck Street Market, Electric Ballroom, and Inverness Street Market. Each market boasts its own unique flavour, offering everything from antiques and handicrafts to trendy fashion and food. In addition, the market frequently hosts festivals and special events, as well as music and dance performances, ensuring that visitors experience more than just culinary delights.

Handmade Accessories in Camden Market
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Must-Try Delicacies at Camden Market

What are the must-try eats at Camden Market? The market offers a plethora of choices to satisfy any palate. As a haven for street food in London, here are some Camden Market food stalls you shouldn’t miss: 


  • Yorkshire Burrito: This innovative dish combines traditional British roast with Yorkshire pudding, typically filled with roast beef, chicken, or a vegetarian option, along with vegetables and gravy—a rich, portable feast. 

  • Basta Falafel: Known for its Mediterranean flavours, this stall’s falafels are popular among traditional and adventurous eaters alike, offering a healthy and delicious option for vegetarians and meat-lovers. 

  • The Cheese Bar: A paradise for cheese aficionados, The Cheese Bar serves everything from cheese boards to grilled cheese dishes, with blue cheese roast and cheese sticks being particularly popular. 

  • Makatcha: Known for its Malaysian and Indonesian fare, Makatcha’s signature Beef Randang is a richly flavoured coconut beef stew typically served with rice and peanut sauce, widely cherished by locals and tourists. 

  • The Mac Factory: This spot offers a variety of gourmet mac and cheese flavours, including an indulgent lobster mac and a classic cheesy mac. 
Melted mac and cheese

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  • Honest Burgers: Famous for its freshly made burgers and hand-cut fries, Honest Burgers are known for their juicy patties and unique sauces, complemented by fresh toppings. 

  • Chin Chin Labs: Specialising in on-the-spot ice cream preparations, Chin Chin Labs offers both visual flair and delightful tastes, with constantly changing innovative flavours and unique dessert combinations. 

  • Oli Baba's: Renowned for its classic Middle Eastern fare, Oli Baba's is famed for its deep-fried halloumi fries served with a special sauce, offering a crispy yet soft texture that’s highly popular. 


These are just a few of the myriad of dining options at Camden Market, where each vendor has its own unique story and flavour. No matter your taste preferences, there’s something for everyone.

A Must-Visit for Students Studying in the UK

With its long history, Camden Market offers a fusion of shopping, cuisine, culture, and entertainment, drawing millions of visitors annually. Whether it's scouting for unique souvenirs, savouring delicious food, or enjoying cultural activities, Camden Market promises an unforgettable experience.

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