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Is it tough to get into veterinary studies in Australia? Introduction to veterinary universities and courses in Australia

Many students passionate about animals dream of becoming veterinarians, spending their days with various types of small animals and safeguarding their lives. Students aspiring to be veterinarians need to complete a program accredited by the Hong Kong Veterinary Surgeons Board to practice in Hong Kong. Australian university veterinary courses are popular among students, so what should students be aware of if they wish to study veterinary science in Australia? What are the entry requirements for veterinary science in Australia? Cyclopes will introduce you to the veterinary courses in Australia.

Only CityU Offers a Veterinary Course - Highly Competitive Entry 

You might wonder, "Why study veterinary abroad?" Before 2017, no tertiary institutions in Hong Kong offered veterinary programs until the City University of Hong Kong launched the first Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine program in the city. While CityU provides an opportunity for Hong Kong students to study veterinary science locally, it only admits 30 students annually to its veterinary program. Moreover, the entry requirements are high, demanding an average score of 34 points calculated from the best six DSE subjects.

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Veterinary Programs in Taiwan and Australia - Australia Offers an Advantage

Given the limited seats at CityU, many students consider studying abroad, with Taiwan and Australia being popular choices. Both countries offer ample opportunities for overseas students to study veterinary science. Students might ask, "Given the lower overall expenses in Taiwan compared to Australia, why do students still prefer to study in Australia?" While studying in Taiwan costs less, according to the guidelines of the Hong Kong Veterinary Surgeons Board (VSB), only veterinary degrees awarded by Taiwanese universities before December 31, 2023, will be recognized, excluding any degrees conferred in 2024 or later. 


Studying veterinary in Australia not only gains approval from the VSB but also accreditation from the Australian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC). Moreover, Australia's vast landscapes and rich biodiversity mean students have opportunities to engage with a wide range of ecosystems during their studies, enhancing their learning experience with access to diverse resources and technology for various experiments at some universities. Graduates from Australian veterinary programs enjoy bright prospects, whether they choose to practice in Australia or return to Hong Kong, recognized by both jurisdictions. Therefore, Australia becomes a top choice for many students. 

Entry Requirements and Scores for Veterinary Universities in Australia 

Compared to the entry requirements of CityU, the threshold for Australian veterinary schools is lower. A glance at Australian universities offering veterinary programs shows that HKDSE students need a total score of only 20 to 25 points from their best five subjects. However, students must study chemistry and biology, and an IELTS average score of 7.0 or higher is required. 


Besides meeting the entry requirements for veterinary programs, schools assess students' experience with and care for animals during interviews. This experience refers not just to common pets like cats and dogs but also to caring for livestock such as sheep, cows, and chickens.

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Introduction to Veterinary Courses in Australian Universities

Australia hosts several universities offering veterinary courses. Below is a brief introduction to three universities—The University of Sydney, The University of Melbourne, and The University of Queensland—renowned for their veterinary programs and high recognition. 

The University of Sydney

The veterinary program at the University of Sydney is prestigious, ranking first in Australia and 23rd globally according to QS. The program provides field trips and advanced facilities, internationally accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Students may also intern at local institutions like Taronga Zoo to deepen their understanding of animals. 

The University of Melbourne 

The University of Melbourne's veterinary program is second only to Sydney in Australia and 26th globally. It is also accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. The program is taught by experienced scholars across different fields, solidifying students' foundations in animal science. Additionally, students can intern in California or on farms in Vietnam to understand their operations.

The University of Melbourne

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The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland's veterinary program ranks third in Australia and 44th globally. As one of the oldest and part of the "Group of Eight," it offers comprehensive facilities and an on-campus animal hospital for student internships, preparing them for a veterinary career. 

Cyclopes Provides Information on Studying in Australia 

 With limited veterinary program seats in Hong Kong and lower recognition for Taiwanese qualifications, Australia emerges as a preferred destination for veterinary studies. Australian universities' entry requirements are relatively lower, making them an attractive option for students wishing to pursue veterinary science. If you are considering understanding more about veterinary courses and entry requirements in Australia, feel free to consult Cyclopes' international education advisory team for comprehensive guidance on studying in Australia.

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