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What do you study in aerospace engineering? 

🛠️ The aviation industry is gradually returning to normalcy, and many airlines are now interested in recruiting talent for the long-term, starting from the end of 2022. Cathay Pacific Airways, for example, is currently training apprentice pilots, and besides the 400 people who will complete their courses before the end of 2023, they also plan to hire over 40,000 employees in the next two years. In recent years, the TV drama "Triumph in the Skies" has attracted many women to join the aircraft maintenance industry. The percentage of female maintenance workers has increased significantly from only 1-2% of the total workforce to 15%, so studying aerospace engineering is no longer exclusively for male students.

The main focus of the aerospace engineering program is to teach students about:

  • aerodynamics
  • aircraft structures, dynamics, control
  • aerospace propulsion, materials, and aerodynamics
  • interdisciplinary design

It will also include a strong theoretical foundation.

How to Become a Licensed Aerospace Engineer?

To become a licensed aircraft engineer and work in aircraft maintenance in Hong Kong, students need to hold an HKAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance License. The licence is divided into three parts, A, B, and C, covering civil aircraft, helicopters, and related engine maintenance theory, and quality management. To progress through each stage, candidates need to have about 3 - 5 years of relevant work experience. They can eventually advance to become senior or chief aircraft engineers.

The Aviation Industry in Hong Kong

The aviation industry in Hong Kong is growing rapidly, with Hong Kong International Airport ranked as the world's number one cargo airport and the third-largest international passenger airport. With the rapid development of the Greater Bay Area, the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High-Speed Rail, aviation passenger and cargo businesses are expected to grow rapidly. With the completion of the third runway in Hong Kong, over 140,000 aviation-related jobs are expected to be created, indicating a growing demand for different aviation industry talents. 


Basic Admission Requirements: 

HKDSE: 5*55 – 444 

Students need to have a certain level of understanding in physics, mathematics, and advanced mathematics, so DSE students are required to study physics, mathematics, and extended mathematics (M1/M2). 

IELTS: 6.0 



Recommended United Kingdom Universities: 

University of Southampton 

University of Bath 

University of Bristol 

University of Sheffield 



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