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Is it worth studying in Manchester? What are the rankings of faculties at the universities in Manchester?

British universities have beautiful campus environments, complete teaching facilities, and courses that reach international standards, which can greatly benefit students' future development. With over a hundred universities in the UK, London, Leeds, and Birmingham are often included in parents' and students' considerations for overseas studies. In addition, many people also consider studying at the University of Manchester. Although the University of Manchester's ranking is not as high as Oxford or Cambridge, it still attracts many students to come to this vibrant city for further education. Manchester offers a diverse range of faculties and universities, and below are some introductions to each of them.

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Manchester provides excellent development opportunities and helps students achieve a successful career path  


As a former global industrial powerhouse, Manchester already had a solid foundation for development established by previous generations. Local businesses and universities have taken advantage of the region's strengths and worked together to provide international students at the universities in Manchester with rich internship and work experience. They have also created a high-quality community environment and shaped a new urban landscape for the city.  


List of universities in Manchester rankings  


The University of Manchester

Entrance of University of Manchester

Source: University of Manchester

The University of Manchester has a long history and has produced 25 Nobel Prize winners. Located in the southern part of Manchester city centre, it is about a two-hour drive from London. According to the Complete University Guide's 2023 UK University Rankings, the University of Manchester is ranked 17th, the highest-ranked university in the Manchester region. It is a research university that has made significant contributions to social and economic development through its research data. The University of Manchester offers a wide range of faculties, including Pharmacy, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, and Accounting, among others, with courses that are highly regarded within the UK.  


The University of Manchester has a beautiful environment and complete facilities that fully meet students' learning needs. The university library is one of the UK's national research libraries and, in recent years, has merged with the John Rylands Library, whose new neo-Gothic architectural design is full of historical traces. The Whitworth Gallery, which is under the University of Manchester, occasionally holds literary and art exhibitions, and the Manchester Museum has a collection of national-level cultural relics. These facilities help students cultivate their temperament, broaden their horizons, and enhance their cultural literacy, making them a top choice for many parents and students.  


Manchester Metropolitan University

manchester metropolitan university building

Source: Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University is located in the Manchester city center, adjacent to the University of Manchester. According to the Complete University Guide's 2023 UK University Rankings, Manchester Metropolitan University is ranked 67th. The university offers a wide range of faculties, with Business Management, Design and Creative Arts, and Social Sciences being particularly popular among students. The university has a diverse campus environment, with overseas students from up to 130 countries. Among Manchester Metropolitan University's faculties, its architecture program is highly recognized in the industry, and its Business Management program holds triple accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS, an honor held by less than 1% of business programs worldwide.  


University of Salford

Salford Peel building

Source: University of Salford

Salford University is located in the western part of Manchester city center, adjacent to the train station. According to the Complete University Guide's 2023 UK University Rankings, Salford University is ranked 85th. The university has a history of over 100 years and has three campuses, including Peel Park Campus, Frederick Road Campus, and MediaCityUK Campus, all of which are elegant environments and ideal learning environments for students.  


Salford University has seven faculties, and its range of faculties is among the best in the universities in Manchester. Popular faculties include Business Management, Art and Media, Architecture Engineering, and Health Studies, all of which have achieved outstanding results. As the campus is located in the MediaCityUK Campus, adjacent to the headquarters of the well-known British television station BBC, it is the only university in the city that cooperates with the BBC, providing over a thousand internship positions to its faculties each year. Students can gain many valuable memories and experiences during their internships, making Salford University a popular choice for international students studying in Manchester.  


University of Bolton

University of Bolton campus

Source: University of Bolton

Bolton University is located in the northwest of Manchester, a five-minute walk from the train station, and a twenty-minute drive from Manchester city center. According to the Complete University Guide's 2023 UK University Rankings, Bolton University is ranked 124th.  


Bolton University's faculties include Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Art and Design, and Social Policy. For international students who love engineering, this university is the ideal choice. The university's Engineering School has advanced industrial facilities, and its research and education standards have reached international levels in the UK. The university also jointly offers a one-year master's program with South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences in Germany. After completing the program, students can obtain a master's degree from both UK and German universities, which can greatly benefit their future careers.  


University Academy 92

University Academy 92 teaching facility

Source: University Academy 92

University Academy 92 (UA92) is located in the Old Trafford area and was established in 2019 as one of Manchester's newest universities. Its faculties mainly focus on Accounting and Finance, Business, Journalism, Media and Communication, and Sports and Exercise Science.  


Although UA92 is not listed in the Complete University Guide's UK University Rankings, it is a formidable institution. The university's Bachelor's degree programs are offered by Lancaster University, whose degrees are widely recognized in the industry. UA92 collaborates with more than thirty companies to provide students with in-depth and comprehensive teaching content. The collaborating companies include Microsoft, Trafford College, KPMG, TalkTalk, Manchester United, and Lancashire Cricket Club, among others, providing students with excellent opportunities to enter the industry.  


The above information outlines the rankings and information of five universities in Manchester. If you would like to know more about studying abroad at Manchester universities or other information about British education provided by Cyclopes Education, please feel free to contact us.

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