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Studying in Leeds

Leeds is in central England and is a very diverse city with many different cultural communities and activities 💃🏼. For example, there is an event called "Carnival of Nations" every summer 🪅, showcasing cultural and musical performances from around the world 🎸.In addition, there are also many historical buildings and modern buildings, including the City Hall, Coats Building, and the Royal Amud Theater 🎭 Etc. These buildings showcase different architectural styles and eras, attracting visitors from all over the world to appreciate them 👀.  


Speaking of Leeds, the editor also remembers one of his childhood idols - Leslie Cheung ⭐ ️. Back then, the editor read many reports about Leslie 📰, discovered that Leslie had enrolled in the Department of Textile at Leeds University in 1976 👔, and received scholarship 🤩. But Leslie only studied in his first year at Leeds University, and later suffered a stroke due to his father's stroke 😭 and quit the university finally. Many fans of Leslie will travel to UK and make a special trip to University of Leeds to reminisce him 🥺.  


University of Leeds 🏫 Recommendation  



Established in 1904, it is one of the 'Red Brick University '🧱 in UK and a member of the Russell Group also. The University of Leeds Business School is the world's top business school with three international certifications: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA 🤩. Accounting and finance are the most outstanding, often ranking among the top in accounting and finance at UK universities, ranking 5th in 2023, making it a popular choice for many accounting students who are interested in pursuing their studies 🔥.  


📍 Popular subjects: Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Communication  


  • Leeds Beckett University  


Leeds Beckett attaches great importance to students' employability after graduation 💼, it incorporates industry internships and career-oriented learning elements into all degree programs 📝, nearly half of the students participated in the Sandwich Year course 🥪.  


📍 Popular subjects: Physiotherapy, Information Technology and Systems  


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