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Studying in Wales

There are four regions in the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland 🇯🇪 and Wales. Each district will have its own flag, and the most special one must be the red fire dragon flag of Wales Red Fire Dragon, also known as Cadwaladr, is the language of Walsh in Wales. 


Speaking of Walsh, it must have been the most popular and longest station name: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch😵‍💫  

If you take the train to Hollyhead and then travel to Ireland, you will definitely pass by. You can listen to the pronunciation of the locals 🤣🤣  

For students, don’t worry, no matter it’s life or study, they will use mainstream English 🔠🆗  


Wales will have a lot of small towns, and there will be some one-way train routes    

If you are playing bike/ mountain travel in Wales, do miss the train 🫠  


The most well-known city in Wales will be Cardiff.  

As the capital of Wales, everyone who wants to enjoy modern study life will definitely choose Cardiff as the first choice👍🏻  


Compared with London, the capital of England, the standard of living is much lower and Cardiff center has a full range of life supplies  🥰  

Cardiff Central Market will also have a variety of local shops selling special gifts full of literature and art 🎁  

Cardiff retains their literary and artistic features, and Cardiff Castle is one of the attractions that must be visited when traveling🏛️  



📍Wales University Recommendation  



Cardiff University is the most famous university in Wales, ranked in the top 200 in the world, and a member of the Russell Group (Russell Group).  


📌Popular subjects: Medicine, Physiotherapy, Urban Planning, Psychology and Architecture  



When it comes to Swansea Uni, it must be mentioned that the Bay campus, which was completed in 2015, is mainly for business and engineering students. Just a few steps from the university to get married on the beach, a very rare campus style "Bay campus"👍🏻  


📌Popular subjects: aerospace engineering, engineering, business and medicine  



📌Popular subjects: psychology, music, accounting and finance  


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