Playing guitar, Liverpool Stadium

Studying in Liverpool

Many British cities you may knew them from the Premier League⚽  


In fact, Liverpool has many characteristics itself, how much do you know? 🤩  


Liverpool is a harbor city, it used to be a port where many merchant ships berthed. 🛳️  


After many years of reforms, the former ship warehouses and warehouses have been converted into tourist centers, private housing and seaside bars🥂 In particular, the city tour will have a Yellow duck that will take you around Liverpool by sea and land, which the honourable Queen used to sit 🚌  


🗣️Accent🗣️ Upon your first arrival to Liverpool, what strike you at once must be a local accent.    Scouse is a local accent, derived from the mix of Wales and Norway. Studying in Liverpool is not scary for everyone, and you will get used to it after a little communication with classmates.  


🎵Music City🎵 When you walk towards the center of Liverpool, you will find that no matter day or night, there will be different local musicians doing street performance on the street. Liverpool is the hometown of the famous British band The Bealtes and has a profound impact on the city. Whether it is a bar or a museum or John Lennon's former residence, it is an attraction. Today, as a city of music, there are not many famous singers who have come to Liverpool. The M&S Bank Arena (formerly known as Liverpool Echo Arean) held concerts: Rihanna, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars 🔊 🎵  


⚽Football Frenzy⚽ Liverpool FC and Everton FC are two teams in the same city, which must be a hot topic in the city every year. I support Everton. In the past, when watching a derby, no matter adults or children, they would spray trash talk at each other. But it can be considered a pleasure to have a toast at the bar after the show and to drink together🍻  


🏗️Urban Design🏭 Liverpool's urban design adopts thewalkable distance design. Basically, the city center, train station, business district, restaurant district and university district are all within a 10-minute walk. When it comes to restaurants, it is even more important to mention that Liverpool was the first China Town in the UK⛩️  


Universities in Liverpool 🏫 University Recommendations:  


The University of Liverpool is a research university, a member of the famous Russell Group (The Russell Group) and one of the most original red brick universities in the UK. The university is not only a management school, but also has triple accreditation of AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, which shows its degree of accreditation.  


📍Popular subjects: Architecture, Urban Design, Healthcare, Business and Engineering  



LJMU is a modern university established in 1992. The university's courses are mainly aimed at career orientation and employability skills development to help graduates' competitiveness.  


📍Popular subjects: Hotel management, Pharmacy  



LHU is a university about 20 minutes' drive from the city center, which was developed from three Christian teacher training institutes.  


📍Popular subjects: Theology, Sports Science  



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