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Before visiting the UK, many people would assume that it is always cloudy and rainy. In this article, we introduce to you the famous city in the south of England, known for its sunshine and beaches - Brighton. In Hong Kong, most beaches are sandy, but while visiting Brighton, you would realise that it is actually a pebble beach. Brighton is famous for its abundant sunshine, and many people like to run back and forth along Brighton Pier on the Brighton coast. There are many shops, game centres, and even amusement park rides on the pier. When the weather is good and the visibility is high, you can even see the coast of France from the pier! Of course, it's great to chill out on Brighton Beach, but be careful with your food. Seagulls may peck your food away when you're not paying attention! The city of Brighton is designed with walkable routes. It takes only about 5 minutes to walk from the train station to Churchill Square Shopping Centre, where you can find everything you need. If you walk a little further to Preston Street, there are Chinese restaurants and supermarkets. So you don't have any trouble with food. It’s common to see many people carry a box of cup noodles. On holidays or after finishing a semester, it's always great to relax and have a drink with friends. As a popular tourist destination, Brighton's nightlife is colourful, with bars and clubs located in different corners of the city.  


Recommended Universities in Brighton:  

From Brighton, it takes only 10 minutes by train to Falmer, where the university is located. The campus is right across the street from the Premier League football club Brighton & Hove Albion FC. Sussex University's campus is very large and green. It takes about 20 minutes to walk across the campus.  

Popular subjects: Business, Engineering, Media, Medicine  


  • University of Brighton  

This university has several campuses: City, Moulsecoomb, and Eastbourne. You would attend the relevant campus depending on the subject you choose.  

Popular subjects: Art and Design, Physiotherapy, Hospitality and Tourism Management  


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