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UCAS Unfair judgement period

Earlier, we had informed everyone to apply before January 25th. Now that January 25th has passed, we are in the Unfair Judgement Period. If you're preparing to apply, read along to see how you should proceed! 


Let's recap the issues you might face: 

📌 Vacancies - simply put, has the school already given out all its offers? 

📌 Subjectivity - the quality of your Personal Statement, Portfolio, and Interview 

📌 Competition - with a high volume of applicants, schools may have higher requirements for predicted grades 

📌 Tradition - highly ranked schools may not wait until the last minute to admit students 


Faced with so many questions, do you know how to apply successfully at this moment? Don't worry, Cyclopes Education consultants can help you! 

If you choose us to apply, we will continuously check for vacancies at universities to ensure you won't waste your application resources. From your Personal Statement, Portfolio to Interview, we will guide you step-by-step in your preparation. You need to think about whether your application strategy is aggressive or conservative, because different strategies are required for different situations. If you've encountered problems in your application, do you know what to do next? 


📍 Extra, Adjustment, Clearing 

Have you heard of these UCAS terms before? 

📌 Extra1️⃣+ 

Extra is a situation where you have applied aggressively and have no offers, but you have one extra chance to apply to another university. If this situation arises, we will be able to provide you with the best strategy to apply. 🤗 


📌 Adjustment 📈 

This situation happens in two conditions: a) Your exam results are better than the requirements of the firm and insurance universities you've chosen. b) The university you desire has subjects that are available for adjustment. 

In short, you can apply to an additional university. 


📌 Clearing 🧹 

You would have heard of Clearing before, which means that during the stage after receiving your exam results in July, you may need to apply for limited university spaces on a first-come, first-served basis. 😊 


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